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The Motivation

Lav started this blog to chronicle her experiences, discoveries, musings, opinions and travels for her to be reminded of the journey she has taken to navigate through life. This blog also serves as her constant reminder of how great life is and how we ought to spend every moment of it doing the things we are passionate about and with no regrets, as she finds her footing, purpose and voice in this huge world we are living in.

Letters to the Universe

Below you can find some of her previous writings, her so-called letters to the universe, as picked up from her now-defunct blogs, teared up pages from her old notebooks, the world wide web and random scratches of paper lodged between the pages of her books now yellowish in color because of time. All of these had been compiled here, in one place, for your reading convenience. 

Final - Dec 2007

Tangle - Sep 2008

With Great Power Comes Greater Responsibility - Apr 29, 2009

Overrated - Jul 26, 2009

Fragment - Oct 5, 2009

Quarter-life Crisis - Oct 7, 2009

Shoe Talk - Oct 8, 2009

Change - Nov 2, 2009

Traditions - Dec 5, 2009

Difference and Similarity - Sep 7, 2010

Soon - Sep 16, 2010

Letter #1 - Mar 12, 2011

Thinking - Jun 3, 2011

Ego  - Apr 14, 2012

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