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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!

Difference and Similarity

Everything could be done in a lot of ways.

There are a lot of different ways to cry, to eat an ice cream, to jump, to read a book, to write an essay, to laugh but nonetheless, however different or unique of a way you might have done all of those, the bottom line is that you still cried, ate, jumped, read, wrote and laughed.

So, are we all the same? Could be but not quite.

A whole bunch of people might have seen what you saw, done what you did, heard what you heard, read what you read but nobody could ever see it, hear it, do it and comprehend it in the same way that you do.

And that’s one of the many reasons why I adore this world.

We are all the same banana but just with quirks.


September 7, 2010. Written by Lav Acacio.