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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!


I had been battling with my confidence issue for quite some time now. Despite knowing for a fact that I have my own strengths and talents to share with the rest of the world, I could not help but to compare myself, still, with other people. Instead of focusing on harnessing my own strengths and talents, I always am left trying to nourish the things that I am not good at. I am always left with that notion that if I could just do what they can do, maybe I will be better. 

I was focusing on the wrong things before. It had dawned on me now that a bird could never swim no matter how hard it tries in its lifetime but it can fly and in time can fly higher and faster with the right attitude and when armed with the right tools and determination. Not being able to do what the other person can do is not a sign of weakness, it never is. 

I forgot that diversity is good, that diversity is there for a reason. I want to come to that full realization that I am unique and that is the reason why the world needs me. No two people are alike, even one of those twins that we see in our everyday lives has a different personality as compared to the other. I do not want anymore to try to be someone that I am not. 

Instead of focusing on what I cannot do, I want to see myself nourishing those strengths and talents that I have more than ever. I want to see myself as someone who is confident enough to share her uniqueness and innate talents to the world without inhibitions. Maybe the reason why I keep on comparing myself with the others is the fact that they are doing something about their talents. They are sharing it for the betterment of the community and in turn they are able to touch lives. My talents, on the other hand, remain stagnant and untapped. 

I want to step outside of my comfort zone, I want to see myself be part of making a change for the betterment of the world even in my own little way. I want to try things that I have not tried yet. I want to live life to the fullest. I want to stand up for myself, for what I believe in. I do not want anymore to keep dwelling on things that I could not anymore control nor be paralyzed by my irrational fears. I do not want to keep on thinking about the what-if’s of life. I just want to be proactive. I just want to act. I think that being open to constant change is all that we need on our journey to be a better individual. 

I believe that I was designed by God to do far greater things... much greater than what I am accomplishing right now. I could not help but to constantly crave for something yet to be known. I just know that I do not want anymore to be stuck in my own little box. I just want to be able to act out my life purpose.


November 2, 2009. Written by Lav Acacio.


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