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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!


If there is a specific word from the dictionary that seems too overrated for every individual living in this universe to not be familiar with, that word would undoubtedly be love. Every minute of our lives, we are exposed to the wonders of it. We are literally looking at it, hearing it, thinking about it, losing it, catching up with it, wanting it, but at times cursing the existence of such thing. Nonetheless, what I really wanted to portray is that love or the mere idea of love, whatever kind it may be, is always within our limited grasp, never leaving our peripheral vision, ultimately glowing and unfading through time and space. In the midst of all the hustles and bustles, of inevitable hurts and million other heartbreaks heard from naysayer, gossipmongers and people credible enough to talk about their firsthand experience of the shattering reality brought about it, I was always left stunned and confused on the excuses people give me on why they still dive into the unknown, random workings of love. Through deep contemplation, I came up with a few thoughts. Looking at the negative side, it can be a good reason that we dive headfirst into the dark ravine of love because we are just a bunch of walking masochist crazy enough to leap without looking and estimating. On a more positive light, love is blissful, something more than just pain and suffering and something deeper than just a feeling.

Love had caused a bunch of mix-ups for the whole humanity. Because of pop culture and destructive media, especially those ideals introduced by Western culture, it felt that the purest essence of love is already disposed eons ago and replaced by unending sequels of love-gone-wild by the minute. At this moment, it is never hard to mistake like, lust and obsession for love, never hard to fall for the wrong individual and never a nuisance to say that you love a person. On the other hand, it is never easy to mistake the purity of love, never easy to find another individual who is solely meant for each one of us and undoubtedly tedious and courageous to say that you love a person and stick to it till death does he part from that person he claims to be his other half. I, myself, have a handful of love stories to tell. These stories are merely obtained from unlimited forms of media spread across the globe and from those credible people I mentioned before who came from different walks of life, willing enough to give me tidbits and learned lessons from their battle through love. All from someone else but never mine. For although I am already very much equipped to write my own, words are still floating above my head, teasing me, waiting to be picked up and be written as that part of my well being unfold in the right time, eventually reaching that point when neither unlimited supply of ink cartridges and reams of bond paper, nor words, symbols, a thousand more exclamation points and punctuation marks and a perfectly functioning emotional photographic memory could ever suffice on concretizing each and every single drop of bliss and sweetness that can be felt and extracted from the entire duration of the fall; taking off and landing included.


July 26, 2009. Written by Lav Acacio.


With Great Power Comes Greater Responsibility