Day 9: Bowling with Friends

March 24, 2014. I am sure bowling does not make me sweat those extra calories out as compared to when I do my gym workout, zumba or swimming but I just love the idea of doing and enjoying a sport with my friends. It beats doing things by myself!

Day 7: Running Around Luneta Park

March 22, 2014. Since I was not able to workout the previous day, I made it a point to wake up early the following day to do some jogging and running. It was my first time to run in front of the Quirino Grandstand, around Luneta Park and I was happy that we did gave the other side of Roxas Boulevard a chance. The place was jampacked and full of life, I could not help myself but smile at what I was seeing then. There were some who are laying frisbee, a group of Chinese elders who were practicing tai chi, a group of ladies dancing zumba, two couples who are ballroom dancing, a group who were biking around the vicinity and a whole lot more of exciting activities! I am so happy that we, Pinoys, are now getting more and more diversed on our activities and the same getting more conscious health-wise, by the day. We are now gearing towards a full-turn lifestyle change and I could not get anymore prouder with our developing priorities.

Day 6: Thank God It's Friday

March 21, 2014.  I filed a leave in the office since I attended to a very important matter that day. I just left my running shoes and attire at our place since I had a hunch that this would take me the whole day to finish. But I was wrong as I was able to finish what I was supposed to do before noon came!

Day 5: Power Kick

March 20, 2014. Ahh, swimming! I have been looking forward to doing this again after so many days now! Did more laps than I can even remember that was why upon getting home I did not bother to wash again and just slept to my body's content.

Day 4: End to End

March 19, 2014.

AM. Since I was not able to workout the day prior, I made it a point to visit the gym first thing in the morning. It has been so long since I last worked out in the morning because more often than not I feel rather tired and sleepy during the remainder of the day but not this time though! I started the work out warming up on the thread mill followed by a lot of weightlifting and toning for the arms and back which left my arms aching like crazy! Nonetheless, I have already come to terms with the pain since I am oh-so-familiar with what I will be getting from what I am doing and the benefits far outweigh the inconveniences. Other than this, I am happy that I  could now plank for a minute and a half which I cannot do when I was just starting out! Little victories may be but with these little steps I would be able to get to my goal soon! I can already see and feel the difference that this challenge is making for my physique.

PM. If there is anything I look forward to at the start of the week, it would be my Zumba classes. I enjoy my Zumba classes partly because I could just dance my heart out and not care about anything else and mostly because of my very sexy and charming instructor, Ms. Jill Ngo. She is beautiful but her gracefulness is something else; it is unmatchable that everyone in her class would just want to be like her! That day she was experiencing the dreaded monthly monster that every woman experiences until later in their lives. Sad it may be that we did not do Zumba because she was in pain that day and she could not do rigorous moves but I was glad that it did happen as she had introduced us to Belly Dancing. It was my first time to do a full Belly dancing class! Belly dancing with its lady like, graceful movements is harder than I thought. It is hard because this dance is all about control. Even though you want to give it all, you have to constrict your movements to finer ones. You are to use smaller spaces because you do not want to lose the refinement as compared if you are to do bigger movements. You want to maintain the fluidity, elegance and gracefulness of the dance. You are to be more feminine than ever. And this control made the muscles of my body ache too like never before.

Day 3: To Swim or Not to Swim

March 18. I was looking forward earlier this day to swim but was extremely saddened when we found out that Coach will not be there to oversee us! Nonetheless, I think it is also a blessing in disguise that we were not able to push through with it as my hip and leg muscles are now hurting. I will just make up for it tomorrow morning by going to the gym!

Day 2: Gym After a Week

March 17, 2014. Woke up feeling groggy today because I slept at 2 AM and woke up 4 hours after to go to work. I was actually planning to visit the gym first thing in the morning but I failed to do so because I was feeling extremely sleepy earlier which left me no choice but to move my session in the afternoon! I almost had no energy to go through the day and I did not know how I got through it! There was even a moment earlier in the restroom that I actually fell asleep while I was sitting in the bowl, peeing! I did not know how long it had been but I woke up with drool dripping down my arms! So much for sleeping that late! I will never do that again to myself!

I left the office at exactly 5 PM. Even though I was so tired and I just want to lie down and sleep my ass off, I still went to the gym to satisfy the challenge I have set for myself. The moment I was already in the treadmill running and doing my warm up, all the dizziness and sleepiness were gone in a snap! I do not know how it happened but the sluggishness had really gone like that! I still had the energy to lift weights, do back, leg and arms exercises, do side lunges, some situps there and planking here and a whole lot more! Even I could not believe it!

The moment I arrived home though, the grogginess came back and escalated to a different level. As I type this, my eyes are already drooping and I could not anymore think straight. I hope I am still making sense here though! Even so, I have to say good night now!

30 Days of Fitness: Why am I doing this?

These past few months, I have been trying my best to be active whenever I can and in any way possible but I have never really done it consistently. I know I just have to take the first few steps for me to build my momentum but most of the time, I just could not bring myself to go the gym or just run. I sometimes use the soreness of my muscles from the previous workout as an excuse for skipping and not following through the following days just to justify my decision, which is really bad. However, there are also times that I surprise myself by having that much gusto and enthusiasm to workout! It is just that unpredictable. What I have with working out is actually a love and hate relationship and I am already tired with this unending cycle! So now, I just want to be consistent about it, stick with it and follow through on it.


To workout, whatever kind it may be, for a minimum of 1 hour everyday.


  • I want to see if a 30-day continuous workout could actually do something for me. Nonetheless, I know that I will feel so much better at the end of it!
  • The summer season is already nearing and it would be a nice accomplishment to have a rocking body to go along with it. I am not fat but I am not thin either. I have bulges made of flabs in some strategic parts of my body (haha!) like my tummy, arms and thighs but I do not abhor them! I just want to have a more toned physique and to look better!
  • Other than to look great, I am doing this because I would like to feel good inside, too. These past couple of months I have gained 5 lbs (from 117 lbs to 122 lbs) primarily because I ate too much and failed to sweat it out. Not too much weight you might say but the weight is not really the issue here. Gaining those 5 lbs made me tire easily and moreover, I now pant even if I just ascend a couple of flight of stairs!


  • I cannot quantify for now what I will get from this challenge but I would want to lose weight and fit in a pair of skinny jeans my dad bought for me last November.


  • March 16 to April 14