METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. The Iscreamist is an ice cream parlor unlike any other. Why? For one, it uses UV fluorescent as its light so it has this blue ambiance inside that makes it hard to take a good picture unless you use flash photography. Next would be the flash-freezing of their ice cream delights with the use of liquid nitrogen which is kind of cool specially if it is your first time to try it!

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. I am always on the lookout for that place within the metro where you can get a piece of steak that is not only cheap but also smackingly good and money-worthy. I think that habit stayed with me as I have come to love this steakhouse near our university that serves just that. I keep coming back to it even after I graduated as I became quite convinced that there is no more steakhouse out there other than it that serves some nice, delicious steak for a fraction of the cost of those that we do find in malls and fine-dining steakhouses.

Eating Healthy with Beni's Falafel

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. In lieu with my current goal of staying fit and healthy (well, I try to be!), I dragged my whole family down last Sunday to this hole-in-the-wall restaurant beside A. Venue in the outskirts of Makati called Beni's Falafel. I usually try hard to resist doing so as my brothers are meat-loving persons and are not particularly into healthy options but when I read that they also offer chicken meals alongside their vegetarian bestsellers I instantly thought that this would be the perfect time to bring them to one.

Delighting in Some Cambodian Dishes in Romdeng

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA. Set in a colonial building in which its furniture, lightings and wooden carvings were all made from Cambodia, Romdeng is part of TREE (Training Restaurants for Employment and Entrepreneurship) which is a global alliance of training restaurants based on a successful model of social business which not only helps their students to become skilled and happy young individuals but also provides, along the way, customer satisfaction and a continuous cycle of corporate sustainability.

Captivating Phnom Penh (Day 1)

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA. Since we were already in Vietnam, we made sure to also visit its neighbouring country Cambodia. We left Ho Chi Minh on Christmas Day last year and took a bus going to Phnom Penh. It took us about 6 hours and $14 each to get there. A long travel actually but cheap which is favorable for us since spending less is a top priority. During the trip, I could not help but notice how much similar Cambodia is as compared to the Philippines. They both have the same look of the streets, the houses and even the people and how they dress!

Lovely Breakfast in Rustic Mornings

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Tucked along the narrow Isabelo Mendoza street in Marikina is this lovely place called Rustic Mornings. The place was established 5 years ago and was more known as Isabelo Place. Though it also functions as a restaurant, it was more famous as an event place back then. Reservations were a must if you want to dine there until two years ago when they converted it as a full-fledged restaurant where people can just walk in and enjoy the place and the food whenever they please.

Going Biggie in Hot Star

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Hot-Star, a popular shop in Taiwan due to their humongous chicken chop, has now found its place in Manila!

"Lav, before anything else, how humongous is humongous?", you may ask. That's a fair question! Well, it is as long as your typical 12-inch ruler, it is bigger than your two palms placed side by side and it is larger than your face. If I haven't sparked a tinge of curiosity from you still, I do not know anymore what would.

Trying Out the Famous Dong Bei Dumplings in Binondo

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Christmas is so near! I can already feel it from all over; from the traffic, the number of people that flocks the mall, the Christmas songs, advertorials, decorations, Christmas lights, that cool breeze, they all make the nearness of the holiday season more evident. And with that comes along the Christmas shopping too.

Celebrating BAGA Manila's 3rd Year Anniversary

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Congratulations to BAGA Manila for celebrating their 3rd year anniversary last November 14 and 15! I am no first-timer in BAGA Manila but it was my first time to experience the new BAGA at their new location. I was still able to visit their A. Venue, Makati location for about three times, I think, before they transferred to Lakefront in Sucat, Muntinlupa City last April of this year. BAGA Manila is a food night market especially dedicated to barbecuers and grillers hence the name: BAGA = BArbecuers and Grillers Association.

Cravings' 'Fresh Picks', Here to Please

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. The weekend is here again and I know there are a lot of you who are still looking for something new to do and try out. Well, I got something up my sleeve for those who are on the lookout for some nice and healthy thing to do, and I know this might shock you but it involves eating buffet!

Spending Quality Time with the Family in Kainan Au Gusto

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Kainan au Gusto is one of those restaurants that you will definitely try because of its air of mystery. If you do not look closely enough or if you are not looking at its side when you pass by it while you drive along E. Capitol Drive, it would really be easy to miss this gem of a restaurant! Those who only make the effort to go down and search for it behind the big trees would discover this place. A cafeteria-styled restaurant owned by the same owner of Cafe Juanita is what will greet you as you peek through the trees.

It's A Match: An Exclusive Coffee and Dessert Pairing with Australia's Coffee King Phillip Di Bella

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Coffeeholics and procaffeinators, are you ready to hear my good news? Well, if it hasn't reached you yet, the famed Di Bella Coffee of Australia has now arrived in our local shores through a partnership with The Cravings Group (TCG) and is now ready to tickle the fancy and taste buds of the Filipino people! I bet everyone who is familiar with the brand is now jumping for joy, but for those who do not have any clue about it, allow me to give you a little background for you to know what the commotion is all about.

Giveaway: Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight x FMS [CLOSED]

Hi, guys! I had a super great time dining in at Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight (which you can read here) that I would want to share with you the great experience by hosting my very first giveaway! We'll give away a complimentary GC worth Php 1000 applicable for both food and beverages when you dine in Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight.

Ho Chi Minh City, Vietnam: Hotel Nikko Saigon

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM. A twenty-minute drive from the Tan Son Nhat international airport brought us right smack in Saigon's city center. It was already past midnight when we arrived in the country but finding a taxi that could fit the six of us had not been an impossible feat. They have big taxis you know, and that's one of the many things I appreciate about the city! Keeping up and retaining all the turns the driver took had been impossible though so I just surrendered and feasted on sights that my vision could grasp.

Flavorful Lunch on a Sunday in Gostoso Piri Piri

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Joining in the long list of restaurants in Kapitolyo is this new kid in the block called Gostoso Piri Piri. What makes it unique is that this joint offers some authentic Portuguese BBQ that none of its nearby counterparts do offer. Moreover, it prides itself with their Chicken Piri Piri. Piri Piri is something that I often hear and see but had not have the chance to taste, well, until last week.

Going All-Meat in Nam Son

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM. For our Christmas Eve dinner in Vietnam, we decided to skip the fancy hotel restaurants and go somewhere that offers something that is filling and at the same time reasonably priced! Nam Son was just the perfect place to address both. A steak place in the middle of the green-conscious Ho Chi Minh City, we headed on to the restaurant without thinking twice.