MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Sweets, sweets, sweets! I always have this fondness for sweet pickings. Regularly do I eat them, especially when I was still a little girl! From candies, cakes, chocolates to ice cream, I always get excited whenever there is an abundance of which at home. Maybe that was the main reason why I don a 30-inch waistline when I was in my 3rd grade and maybe that is also the reason why I lost a tooth in the process. 

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - In lieu of Grandparent's Day, we treat Nanang (our grandma) to a lovely and filling dinner. Since we are craving for some dimsum and dumplings, we march towards Modern Shanghai which is a fairly new restaurant standing in the visitor-packed and largest mall in the Philippines, SM Mall of Asia.

MAKATI, PHILIPPINES - The restaurant that offers the alleged best Katsu in Japan is now standing and kicking in its first ever location here in the Philippines. Ginza Bairin opened store here in the metro a few months ago and we, Pinoys, have never been happier because we now get to taste dishes like this without leaving the country!

MARIKINA, PHILIPPINES - We, Pinoys, love to eat anything grilled (inihaw)! This love extends to all parts of the Philippines as evidenced by the number of grilling stations that we can see in every street and neighborhood there is in the country.