Captivating Phnom Penh (Day 1)

PHNOM PENH, CAMBODIA. Since we were already in Vietnam, we made sure to also visit its neighbouring country Cambodia. We left Ho Chi Minh on Christmas Day last year and took a bus going to Phnom Penh. It took us about 6 hours and $14 each to get there. A long travel actually but cheap which is favorable for us since spending less is a top priority. During the trip, I could not help but notice how much similar Cambodia is as compared to the Philippines. They both have the same look of the streets, the houses and even the people and how they dress!

Lovely Breakfast in Rustic Mornings

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Tucked along the narrow Isabelo Mendoza street in Marikina is this lovely place called Rustic Mornings. The place was established 5 years ago and was more known as Isabelo Place. Though it also functions as a restaurant, it was more famous as an event place back then. Reservations were a must if you want to dine there until two years ago when they converted it as a full-fledged restaurant where people can just walk in and enjoy the place and the food whenever they please.

Going Biggie in Hot Star

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Hot-Star, a popular shop in Taiwan due to their humongous chicken chop, has now found its place in Manila!

"Lav, before anything else, how humongous is humongous?", you may ask. That's a fair question! Well, it is as long as your typical 12-inch ruler, it is bigger than your two palms placed side by side and it is larger than your face. If I haven't sparked a tinge of curiosity from you still, I do not know anymore what would.

Trying Out the Famous Dong Bei Dumplings in Binondo

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Christmas is so near! I can already feel it from all over; from the traffic, the number of people that flocks the mall, the Christmas songs, advertorials, decorations, Christmas lights, that cool breeze, they all make the nearness of the holiday season more evident. And with that comes along the Christmas shopping too.

Celebrating BAGA Manila's 3rd Year Anniversary

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Congratulations to BAGA Manila for celebrating their 3rd year anniversary last November 14 and 15! I am no first-timer in BAGA Manila but it was my first time to experience the new BAGA at their new location. I was still able to visit their A. Venue, Makati location for about three times, I think, before they transferred to Lakefront in Sucat, Muntinlupa City last April of this year. BAGA Manila is a food night market especially dedicated to barbecuers and grillers hence the name: BAGA = BArbecuers and Grillers Association.