I cannot deny the fact that I love the taste of garlic! Some people may shy away from it, but me, I simply could not resist it! I just love how garlic balances the taste of everything and how it makes a meal interesting to the palate! However, you have to make peace with the consequence of having garlicky breath afterwards. But hey, what's a garlicky breath if you have nice dishes in front of you to consume and devour!

Do you ever feel that most of our pasalubong centers here in the metro are not as reflective of the Pinoy abilities and as extensive as we want it to be? Moreover, these pasalubong centers usually offer the same products as its other counterparts. Wherever you go, it is the same all through out! 

aVeneto Pizzeria Ristorante is one restaurant that I feel guilty of just passing by it. It is not that I do not notice it, I guess I just always choose to dismiss it! Why? Maybe either because of the unassuming and non-attention-grabbing facade or the green, white and red color scheme which give you instantly an idea that this is a place that serves Italian dishes, and you have to know that I am not really a craver of Italian cuisine!