Charming and Historic Segovia

SEGOVIA, SPAIN. A 1-hour drive in Madrid took us in Castilla and into one of the most charming cities I had been to on this trip so far. Segovia has a lot of story to tell and it starts with its aqueduct. The city built an amazing waterway system to transport their water from other parts of Spain. It runs for about 15 kilometres and snakes through some parts of the city where they finally filter it before distribution. Sometimes, the lengths of the aqueduct can be found underground, like what a canal would be; and sometimes it can be found up high, supported by columns made in stacked stones.

MADRID, SPAIN. There are two facts that I have observed while visiting Madrid. MadrileƱos are not morning persons and Christmas in Madrid is very well-anticipated. We were able to prove that when we went to the area of Puerta del Sol one of those nights prior Christmas and was shocked with the number of people roaming the commercial streets of Madrid during the latter part of the day as compared to when we visited these same streets the morning earlier. This part of Madrid was already alive when we arrived. There were shoppers doing their last-minute shopping, sellers, spectators and buskers entertaining those very same spectators on the streets.

Tapas Night in Cinco Jotas

MADRID, SPAIN. Tapas night is always a great idea on a Saturday evening in Madrid. We joined a tour group and part of the experience being put forth by Trafalgar is its ability to let its travellers experience what the the locals typically do at a given day or moment of a day and bring them to the best places there is in town to let them experience it. Our travel director whisked us away to a nice restaurant along Calle del Padre Damian and near out hotel, AC Cuzco. Cinco Jotas is the name of the restaurant and it offers varying types of tapas that are so flavorful and delightful which made me forget all the tapas (especially those disguising as tapas) that I have eaten before.

In One with the Qataris

DOHA, QATAR. It is perfect timing that our visit in Doha coincides with the country's National Day (December 18). Qatar National Day is annually celebrated to commemorate their unification and independence. After finishing our dinner buffet in the Grand Regal Hotel, we immediately went out and walked to the only destination we had in mind that night: the Corniche. A promise of a grand fireworks display is waiting for us there and the promise is so good to pass up on since we are lovers of fireworks ourselves.