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Up Close With Hello Kitty

JOHOR BAHRU, MALAYSIA - Theme parks boomed in the past few years in this little corner of Johor Bahru. Unknown to some, it now also houses two other theme parks, located in Puteri Harbour, that you might enjoy too. The 4-level family theme park near the water is now housing The Little Big Club and the Sanrio Hello Kitty Town. We, on the other hand, only had our eyes set on Hello Kitty Town because, let us face it, who does not like and does not know Hello Kitty? 

An Expedition to Legoland Malaysia Resort

JOHOR BAHRU, MALAYSIA. It was a sunny day when we crossed the border from Singapore to Malaysia to go to Legoland. Let us rewind back a little though as I am getting ahead of myself here. We started our journey in the Singapore Flyer where we claimed our tickets and embarked on our designated coach.