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MARIKINA, PHILIPPINES - We, Pinoys, love to eat anything grilled (inihaw)! This love extends to all parts of the Philippines as evidenced by the number of grilling stations that we can see in every street and neighborhood there is in the country. 

Taking the place of Fish and Co., Smokin' Hot Bar BQ is a new addition to the roster of restaurants in the Greenbelt area. Serving Filipino dishes tweaked to appeal to both the local and foreign palate, another Bistro Group concept is here to stay.

I always say that whenever you are at a loss and in doubt on what to eat, always choose inihaw (grilled foods)! You could never go wrong with it as I have yet to find a person who does not love to eat anything grilled. People love it by default! If you happen to be in Cebu and you are craving for grilled foods, Larsian is your best bet!