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Christmas Market Experience in Budapest

BUDAPEST, HUNGARY. If there was a city that we went to during our Europe tour last December that best exemplified the magic and joy that a Christmas market brings, it would definitely be Budapest. I was already told before our trip that we might not have the chance to see a Christmas market that was still buzzing the moment we arrive in Europe and this is for the reason that Christmas markets in Europe, in general, close down and pack up before Christmas eve.

Loved Foods During Our Walk on a December Afternoon in Prague

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC. When you are walking the whole afternoon, it is normal to eat a lot and that is because you try to compensate the energy lost through walking by eating more; well, aside from the fact that you just want to eat every little interesting food that you see along your path, of course. That always happens with us. Most of the time, we splurge the bulk of our money on food. Lots of food! Here are some items I deeply, deeply loved during our afternoon walk in Prague