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Cakes and Chocolates in Niemetz

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA. Confectionery shops or konditorei dominate Europe. I think it is safe to say that we have gone to at least a couple of dozen cafes during our 12-day Euro tour last 2014 because one, it is a good place to escape the cold weather outside and two, the coffee, pastries and hot chocolate of Europe are just freaking delicious. It had been the same when we went to Salzburg. Before we left Salzburg, we dropped by this eye-catchy shop called Niemetz Cafe near the Horse Wells which offers a wide variety of cakes and has an old-fashioned interior highlighted by pink and gold detailings.

The Sounds of Music, the Alps and a Hint of a Snowman in Salzburg

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA. Salzburg, Salzburg. I did not know much about it prior joining the tour aside from the fact that it is in Austria and is the birthplace of the classical icon Mozart, which is kind of weird, really, as I do not know how I was able to retain that bit of information given I am neither a Mozart follower nor a pianist learning his works. Evidently, I must have picked it up somewhere.

Gelato Break in Eiscafe Paradiso

OBERAMMERGAU, GERMANY. Whoever says gelato (ice cream) is a no-no when it is cold hasn't experienced yet the bliss of eating one during a cold, winter morning. Taking a break from our long walk along the snowy roads of the town of Oberammergau did we come across this dainty little cafe with Luftl paintings on its facade. We were already freezing outside and in dire need of a place where we could sit down to rest out restless and almost-numb feet while we sip a cup of hot cocoa or coffee and perhaps slurp some soup so we ran towards it the moment we saw it.

A Short Break in Givral Cafe

HO CHI MINH CITY, VIETNAM. We were on our way back to the hotel, coming from the War Remnants Museum where we spent the entire morning touring around and looking at how the Vietnamese perceived the American phase of the Vietnam War, when this all-white cafe splashed with some bright red right at the corner of Vo Van Tan and Nguyen Dinh Chieu popped up and completely caught us off guard.

Colorful Sunday in Croque

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. We were on our way home when we chanced upon this bright, cozy restaurant in the middle of Pasay Road. It is hard not to stop by for a while to check out the place because it looks so inviting with its bright blue and yellow hue! I just love discovering new places when I travel around the metro so I seize the opportunity even though I was already itching to go home to have some siesta.