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A Walk in Tiong Bahru District

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE - Tiong Bahru Estate is the first and one of the oldest housing estates in Singapore. Its past goes back way before we were even born. During the recent years, Tiong Bahru underwent a rebirth and rejuvenation; from a quiet, residential estate before it now is Singapore's veteran hipster neighbourhood in the country. Together with the new designation it carries is the rise of a good number of specialty shops all around the vicinity.

Singapore Recap Day 2: Books, History & An Amazing City View

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE. Our first day in Singapore may have been a fun one but our second day there proved to be a magnificent one. Waking up a little later than the previous day, we marched over the hawker center near our place to get some real and heavy breakfast to help us jumpstart our jampacked day and later on travelled towards the nearest train station with calf muscles and feet still aching from the strenuous activity we had the day before but without minding the pain.