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Body-Fueling FAT in Forbes Town Center

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. A breath of fresh air, FAT opened its doors last June 2015 adding to the burgeoning food destination that is Forbes Town Center located in Burgos Circle in BGC. Just when restaurants go for a more wholesome and lighter outlook, FAT evidently chose to head towards the other direction. Commendably does it remain true to its core and belief; that fat is anything but bad for anyone's health, especially if the fat was extracted from animals, and that it ought to be enjoyed and incorporated into foods making them both comforting and satisfying.

Bonifacio Global City: Wrong Ramen

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - I have long been hearing great things about this restaurant that offers ramen knock-offs. Wrong Ramen is the name of the resto and their motto? Why compete with authentic Japanese restaurants that serve ramens that are equally authentic when they know they will never ever surpass them or at least be at par with them. So instead, this restaurant chose to cook ramens in the only way they knew. 

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - The pop-up store that everybody awaits for is finally here in Manila! Magnum Manila opened last April 8 in the magnanimous SM Aura in Bonifacio Global City and is proudly standing along the line of the other new restaurants facing the Sky Park.

I cannot deny the fact that I love the taste of garlic! Some people may shy away from it, but me, I simply could not resist it! I just love how garlic balances the taste of everything and how it makes a meal interesting to the palate! However, you have to make peace with the consequence of having garlicky breath afterwards. But hey, what's a garlicky breath if you have nice dishes in front of you to consume and devour!

Where on earth can you find a place where you can indulge in sinful delights and still be in heaven afterwards? Slice, which is owned by Ms. Pia Cayetano, does that to you! A strike of irony, this restaurant has the capability to confine you in your diet through their wide choice of healthy and organic viands but at the same time push you into the bottomless pit of indulgence through their equally wide menu of sinful and yummy desserts.