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Risotto in Toledo

TOLEDO, SPAIN. Going up and down for 3 hours in the streets of Toledo made my tummy crave for nourishment. That is why when we were introduced to this place that apparently offer a nice plate of Risotto, we immediately grabbed it without even considering the fact that we are about to eat an Italian dish in a Spanish city. Tucked at the end of Calle Alfonso VI, Restaurante Virgen de La Estrella can be reached by entering at the Puerta de Alfonso VI and traversing the said street.

Vinzenzmurr: Answer to A Hefty Eater's Hunger After An Exhaustive Touring Around Dachau

DACHAU, GERMANY. We immediately looked for something to eat after our visit in the Dachau Memorial site. Coming from the site, we went back to where we started (the bus station) but found no restaurant that we like near there so we walked furthermore along the Bahnhofstrasse. In we go and out we went immediately after we find nothing that we fancy from the restaurants along the street; well, until we arrived at the intersection and found a deli shop/restaurant at one of its corners.