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Gelato Break in Eiscafe Paradiso

OBERAMMERGAU, GERMANY. Whoever says gelato (ice cream) is a no-no when it is cold hasn't experienced yet the bliss of eating one during a cold, winter morning. Taking a break from our long walk along the snowy roads of the town of Oberammergau did we come across this dainty little cafe with Luftl paintings on its facade. We were already freezing outside and in dire need of a place where we could sit down to rest out restless and almost-numb feet while we sip a cup of hot cocoa or coffee and perhaps slurp some soup so we ran towards it the moment we saw it.

Snow Me Some Love

GERMANY. I have been going through our holiday photos earlier and I still could not get over the fact that I had been here and I saw firsthand the magnificent views. It had been my first time to experience snow and seeing how it was able to transform a place to something magical was beyond any description or adjective I could think of. It was love at first sight with Germany.