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Spending Quality Time with the Family in Kainan Au Gusto

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Kainan au Gusto is one of those restaurants that you will definitely try because of its air of mystery. If you do not look closely enough or if you are not looking at its side when you pass by it while you drive along E. Capitol Drive, it would really be easy to miss this gem of a restaurant! Those who only make the effort to go down and search for it behind the big trees would discover this place. A cafeteria-styled restaurant owned by the same owner of Cafe Juanita is what will greet you as you peek through the trees.

Flavorful Lunch on a Sunday in Gostoso Piri Piri

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Joining in the long list of restaurants in Kapitolyo is this new kid in the block called Gostoso Piri Piri. What makes it unique is that this joint offers some authentic Portuguese BBQ that none of its nearby counterparts do offer. Moreover, it prides itself with their Chicken Piri Piri. Piri Piri is something that I often hear and see but had not have the chance to taste, well, until last week.

Comfort Mexican Food at Silantro

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. And I am finally back in Kapitolyo! It had been so long now since I last dined here and I had been missing this gem of a street in Pasig already. I do not want to think about its proximity to my workplace since it is so damn near it and it reminds me of the reasons why I could not go there as constantly as I wanted to. You know how work can get the best of us right and there are times that you inevitably spend the remainder of your night working and contemplating because you want to finish and achieve something.

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - We celebrated a good friend's birthday at Ninak about two weeks ago. We have been reading a lot about it lately hence the decision to try their food! And boy are we surprised with what we tasted!

Kapitolyo: Rub Ribs

Rub Ribs is one of those restaurants sitting along East Capitol Drive in Kapitolyo, Pasig. Weeks prior, we actually passed by the restaurant while we were looking for a place to eat but we were turned off to see the long line outside since our tummies were already growling from starvation.

Three Sisters has been cooking amazing foods for so long now. One of the pioneers along the now-known strip in Kapitolyo, Three Sisters has already stood the test of time. An institution in itself, the restaurant has been already there even before Kapitolyo has been recognized as a foodie haven.

Dishes abound Mad Mark's but as its name implies, sandwiches and frozen desserts are its specialties. Squished between two also infamous restaurants of Kapitolyo, we stormed in this little resto with a known purpose: to eat some good and creamy ice cream to complete the lunch we just had and to possibly alleviate from our minds the hot, humid weather.

CAB Cafe is one of those unassuming restaurants that sit in the burgeoning foodie hub which is Kapitolyo. See those cars parked in front of CAB? That is a strong indicator of how good their foods are!

Milky & Sunny forms part of the line up of restos and holes in the wall that you would encounter inside the neigborhood of Kapitolyo, Pasig. Kapitolyo, or Kapits as some people fondly call it, is being frequented by foodies and returning customers alike as your options here are abundant and it would be impossible not to find a restaurant that offers something that you are craving for at a given moment.