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Italian Cuisine Loving in the Slovak Region

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA. I am an avid eater. Whenever I am in a particular country other than my own, I make sure to eat their local foods all the time. But you know how sometimes hunger gets the best of you and you just grab whatever that's near you, that's what happened to us when we were done walking around Bratislava. Instead of finding a restaurant that offers amazing Slovak cuisine, we ended up in an Italian restaurant that has a conservatory placed smack at the middle of the Rybarska brana.

Puerto Galera: Luca Cucina Italiana

ORIENTAL MINDORO, PHILIPPINES - I was able to go to Puerto Galera a couple of weeks ago with my friends and I could not be more excited about it since it was my very first time to go to the island! I have heard stories before about it and vicariously experienced the place through stories from my friends but this was the first time ever that I was able to set foot on it. 

aVeneto Pizzeria Ristorante is one restaurant that I feel guilty of just passing by it. It is not that I do not notice it, I guess I just always choose to dismiss it! Why? Maybe either because of the unassuming and non-attention-grabbing facade or the green, white and red color scheme which give you instantly an idea that this is a place that serves Italian dishes, and you have to know that I am not really a craver of Italian cuisine!