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The Sounds of Music, the Alps and a Hint of a Snowman in Salzburg

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA. Salzburg, Salzburg. I did not know much about it prior joining the tour aside from the fact that it is in Austria and is the birthplace of the classical icon Mozart, which is kind of weird, really, as I do not know how I was able to retain that bit of information given I am neither a Mozart follower nor a pianist learning his works. Evidently, I must have picked it up somewhere.

Drinking Sesh in One of Munich's Oldest Breweries and Beer Halls That is Hofbräuhaus

MUNICH, GERMANY. In Germany, beer is about the same price as water and day drinking is commonly more accepted here than in any other parts of the world. Because they are huge fans of beer, it is no surprise that they had been able to produce 1500 different brands and perhaps more. This fact makes it harder for people to pick just one to try out. With beer embedded not just in their culture but also in their veins, beer halls and beer gardens are normal things to see around Bavaria.

Uyghur Cuisine in Munich

MUNICH, GERMANY. I have no idea what Uyghur cuisine was so when we found Taklamakan restaurant near the Hauptbahnhof and in the middle of the Bahnhofsviertel bearing a text above the store name referring to an unfamiliar cuisine, we got so curious we immediately barged inside the restaurant without thinking twice. Uyghur cuisine which is also called Xinjiang cuisine is found throughout China.

Vinzenzmurr: Answer to A Hefty Eater's Hunger After An Exhaustive Touring Around Dachau

DACHAU, GERMANY. We immediately looked for something to eat after our visit in the Dachau Memorial site. Coming from the site, we went back to where we started (the bus station) but found no restaurant that we like near there so we walked furthermore along the Bahnhofstrasse. In we go and out we went immediately after we find nothing that we fancy from the restaurants along the street; well, until we arrived at the intersection and found a deli shop/restaurant at one of its corners. 

A Heartwrenching Visit in Dachau

DACHAU, GERMANY. When your hotel is just around the corner of the Hauptbahnhof, itchiness to travel far constantly get to you. It is a nice and cold winter morning when we thought of going to Dachau. A 30-minute ride through S-bahn from the city center, this charming little town in Upper Bavaria is a popular residential area to those working in Munich and a popular attraction for the tourists because of its proximity to the infamous Dachau Concentration Camp.

Bratwurst Loving in Wurstkuchl

REGENSBURG, GERMANY. If you find yourself hungry after roaming around the Old Town of Regensburg, I recommend for you to head on to this lovely, 500-year old tavern along the Danube called Wurstkuchl. Standing right next to the Old Stone Bridge, you can never miss the bright green restaurant facing towards the river.

The Old Town of Regensburg with Stadtamhof

REGENSBURG, GERMANY. A picturesque little city, Regensburg is a city that should not be missed when you are in Bavaria for it houses a UNESCO World Heritage Site: The Old Town of Regensburg with Stadtamhof. Located along the Danube River, the medieval town has many pretty buildings and shophouses of great quality that gives proof of it being an influential trading centre before. 

Your Food Options in Munich's Hauptbahnhof

MUNICH, GERMANY. The moment we stepped out of the train and into the large platform of the Hauptbahnhof, the first thing I thought about was FOOD. Not because I was hungry per se but because of the endless options of tummy delights they have there. So if you are thinking of putting off any food intake until you arrive at the Hauptbahnhof, these are just some of the choices you will find when you arrive there

Munich, Germany: Spending Winter in Winters Hotel

MUNICH, GERMANY. With a huge consideration that our hotel should just be near the main station (Hauptbahnhof) of Munich, we booked two rooms in Winters Hotel located along Arnulfstrasse. 

Why near the Hauptbahnhof, you ask? Because we thought that since we would be arriving during the Christmas holidays when most of the restaurants and establishments are closed, then it would be best if we just stay near the main station so that we could just go out of the area and catch a train ride to a nearby town whenever we please.

Gelato Break in Eiscafe Paradiso

OBERAMMERGAU, GERMANY. Whoever says gelato (ice cream) is a no-no when it is cold hasn't experienced yet the bliss of eating one during a cold, winter morning. Taking a break from our long walk along the snowy roads of the town of Oberammergau did we come across this dainty little cafe with Luftl paintings on its facade. We were already freezing outside and in dire need of a place where we could sit down to rest out restless and almost-numb feet while we sip a cup of hot cocoa or coffee and perhaps slurp some soup so we ran towards it the moment we saw it.

Snow Me Some Love

GERMANY. I have been going through our holiday photos earlier and I still could not get over the fact that I had been here and I saw firsthand the magnificent views. It had been my first time to experience snow and seeing how it was able to transform a place to something magical was beyond any description or adjective I could think of. It was love at first sight with Germany.

Getting from Munich Airport to the City Center

MUNICH, GERMANY. With a distance of 36 kilometers, getting to the Munich city center is still a 30 to 45-minute ride from the airport. There were a lot of transportation options available to get to the city center. There's the bus, car rentals, hotel shuttles which you can request from the hotel where you will stay in, taxis (which cost about EUR 70 for a 33-kilometer ride) but we chose the most economical of all without taking too much time and without being so tedious to use: the S-bahn.

Christmas Day Up in the Air (Manila - Abu Dhabi - Munich)


9:20 PM - Fifteen minutes after we requested a car through Uber, the drivers were already texting us that they were already near our place. We went down the elevator and wheeled our big luggages out of the cold, December evening excited for the next days to come. It was our first trip ever as a family outside of Asia and we could not be more excited about it!