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Birthday Lunch in Korea Garden

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. To celebrate my birthday, we took advantage of the Aug 28 holiday and scoured down the metro to find a restaurant where we could dine. Though I love Japanese food (anyone who is close to me knows how much I adore anything raw!), I decided to change it up a little bit and go for Korean instead. Why Korean? I always had this notion that Korean food is super expensive but I was blown away when I tried eating in A-Won Charcoal Barbecue Restaurant in Hobbies of Asia and there is no turning back for me from then on.

Hobbies of Asia: A-Won Charcoal Barbecue Restaurant

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - Korean restaurants usually fall behind our go-to restos whenever we dine out not because we do not like Korean dishes but just because the other cuisines take up the higher tiers of our hierarchy of food preference! Good thing we dismissed it tonight and decided to go beyond our comfort zone and try this one Korean restaurant that fights over for those hungry people's attention in Hobbies of Asia.