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Afternoon Stroll in Costa del Sol

COSTA DEL SOL, SPAIN. Seeing the sun and having its rays reach my skin which is already craving for some heat perked up my spirit! Since it is winter, it is a given that gloomy days outnumbers the sunny ones. To tell you the truth, I barely felt the sun while I was in Madrid, Toledo and Granada! With that, I was not expecting to see and feel the sun when we drove to the south of Spain. But Costa del Sol is something. And I think the place would not have been named like that for no reason. Costa del Sol is the break that I have been wanting to see for many days now and well, it did not disappoint.

MADRID, SPAIN. There are two facts that I have observed while visiting Madrid. Madrileños are not morning persons and Christmas in Madrid is very well-anticipated. We were able to prove that when we went to the area of Puerta del Sol one of those nights prior Christmas and was shocked with the number of people roaming the commercial streets of Madrid during the latter part of the day as compared to when we visited these same streets the morning earlier. This part of Madrid was already alive when we arrived. There were shoppers doing their last-minute shopping, sellers, spectators and buskers entertaining those very same spectators on the streets.

More of the Sound of Music

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA. Salzburg as is was already amazing but to see sights there with my own eyes which I had only seen in movies was even more amazing that it took the experience we had in the city to a more special place in my heart. The Sound of Music had been a part of my childhood. I was first introduced to it by my mom. I think I was only about Grade 2 or 3 when I first watched it but it did not stick with me then. I was so young to understand the plot or at the least understand the stars past their slangs.

Lost in Gyor

GYŐR, HUNGARY. A quiet little place in Hungary, this city lies halfway of Budapest and Vienna. Even though it is relatively small as compared to the other cities in the country, Győr is still considered to be the most important city of Northwest Hungary. Since it was New Year's Day when we arrived in the city, the place was literally quiet. Almost all the shops were closed which contributed to the nice feeling of having the city all by yourself. Nothing much happened actually when we were there since we only stopped over for an hour on the way to Vienna.

Italian Cuisine Loving in the Slovak Region

BRATISLAVA, SLOVAKIA. I am an avid eater. Whenever I am in a particular country other than my own, I make sure to eat their local foods all the time. But you know how sometimes hunger gets the best of you and you just grab whatever that's near you, that's what happened to us when we were done walking around Bratislava. Instead of finding a restaurant that offers amazing Slovak cuisine, we ended up in an Italian restaurant that has a conservatory placed smack at the middle of the Rybarska brana.