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SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE - In the middle of my walk towards Maxwell Food Centre I caught sight of these two little roads, Ann Siang Hill and Erskine Road, on the other side of the street. The row of of old Chinese shophouses looks interesting enough that I made a vow with myself that I will go check those out after we finish our dinner at the Maxwell Food Centre. Without giving ourselves much time to rest even just for a while and wait for our food to go down, we marched down towards Erskine Road to start our journey to the unknown. 

Singapore Recap Day 3: Forest, Flowers and Food Trips

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE. Since I hit the sack early the previous night, I was able to wake up at around 6 am the next day. I did not waste time and head on right ahead to the 57th floor of the hotel where the Skypark and Infinity pool are. I was in a mission to swim the whole morning until it is already time to check out and good thing that faith is on my side as I found the infinity pool devoid of the crowd present the previous day.