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Velvet Tea: Crystal Jade's New Heat Buster

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. I am not usual to complain about the heat but you just have to admit that the weather these past few weeks had been hellish. It's so hot! There were times when I just want to submerge my body in icy waters and just stay there until summer is over while I reach out for the most accessible cold delight there is, both at the same time. But you know how hard that is and how it is easier to just buy some cold drink and chug it all until you reach its bottom. 

Crystal Jade Dining IN: Weekend Dimsum Buffet is Back!

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. The loved Weekend Dimsum Buffet of Crystal Jade Dining IN is now back by popular demand! Running during the weekends from 2 PM to 5 PM, we arrived in the restaurant a little after 2 PM to fully maximize the already money-worthy buffet. Upon taking our seats, we were then presented with a menu and an order form. The menu served as a guide for us to know the main ingredients of the dishes and the form, on the other hand, proved to be helpful in setting the limitations. Not all the dim sum items found in their menu is included in the roster, however, this fact should not discourage you in trying out this buffet.