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METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. Going to Crystal Jade Shanghai Delight was a straight traverse from the entrance of the Greenhills Shopping Center compound. I do not go here often but looking for it had been a breeze! Go straight through the doorway passing by the line of tiangges, go out to the courtyard where you will pass by the chapel, enter V Mall and at the back you will see then the gray facade splashed with some eye-catchy purple that complements the overall look of the establishment. I promise you, you will not miss it.

Experiencing Asia's Best Chinese Restaurant That is Din Tai Fung

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE. Taking centerstage today is this very popular Chinese restaurant that we tried during our stay in Marina Bay Sands. Located inside The Shoppes, Din Tai Fung is everything but unpopular. Originating all the way from Taiwan, this big international brand has not always had this kind of stature and it may come as a shock to many but Din Tai Fung did not begin as a dumpling shop either.

Mandaluyong: Tim Ho Wan

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - After many failed attempts to eat at Tim Ho Wan, I was finally able to try the place out last week! As usual, even though 6 weeks had already passed, a long line of would-be diners can still be seen outside the establishment. I was on the verge of getting frustrated yet again upon seeing the long line but braved through it this time since I was itching already to try their food out and since I was to eat with my family. Falling in line does not seem to be much of a chore when you are with someone, you know!

Makati: Boon Tong Kee

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - It is weekly that I go to Rockwell and I always pass by this Chinese restaurant named Boon Tong Kee, sandwiched between Burgoo and Make Room on the 3rd floor, but it is only last weekend that we were able to try the restaurant out! Hailing all the way from Singapore, Boon Tong Kee reached our shores last 2012 and unknown to some, it humbly begun in Chinatown in Singapore and was not then the same extravagant establishment that it is now.  

MANILA, PHILIPPINES - In lieu of Grandparent's Day, we treat Nanang (our grandma) to a lovely and filling dinner. Since we are craving for some dimsum and dumplings, we march towards Modern Shanghai which is a fairly new restaurant standing in the visitor-packed and largest mall in the Philippines, SM Mall of Asia.