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MADRID, SPAIN. There are two facts that I have observed while visiting Madrid. Madrileños are not morning persons and Christmas in Madrid is very well-anticipated. We were able to prove that when we went to the area of Puerta del Sol one of those nights prior Christmas and was shocked with the number of people roaming the commercial streets of Madrid during the latter part of the day as compared to when we visited these same streets the morning earlier. This part of Madrid was already alive when we arrived. There were shoppers doing their last-minute shopping, sellers, spectators and buskers entertaining those very same spectators on the streets.

Body-Fueling FAT in Forbes Town Center

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. A breath of fresh air, FAT opened its doors last June 2015 adding to the burgeoning food destination that is Forbes Town Center located in Burgos Circle in BGC. Just when restaurants go for a more wholesome and lighter outlook, FAT evidently chose to head towards the other direction. Commendably does it remain true to its core and belief; that fat is anything but bad for anyone's health, especially if the fat was extracted from animals, and that it ought to be enjoyed and incorporated into foods making them both comforting and satisfying.