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Artworks Around

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC. One of the things I adore about Europe is that wherever I go I am sure to find something that would catch my attention. Well, Prague is no exemption, if not more!  Here are some of the interesting things I have seen during my walk around the city! I bet these just compose a small fraction of the totality but they were already enough to keep me revelling about the fact that this city is just downright quirky and charming.

Fishy Lunch in Prague

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC. Czech Republic is a haven for meat lovers but for those who prefer seafood, I am sorry to burst your bubble but it is a rarity to find fresh ones here. For one, the country is landlocked, which means you just could not get fresh off-the-boat catch on a whim unlike its neighbouring EU countries that reside on the west. The seafood had to be transported at a long distance before Czechs can even enjoy it. 

Prague by Night

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC. Prague is a city like no other. This little surprise is as quirky as it can get. With controversial artworks and statues scattered around, this city would not bore you even just one bit. We roamed around Prague after eating at the lovely and antique-filled U Císařů. It had been a cold night but we just endured it by snuggling more of our body under our coat, our bonnets and our scarves.