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Cakes and Chocolates in Niemetz

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA. Confectionery shops or konditorei dominate Europe. I think it is safe to say that we have gone to at least a couple of dozen cafes during our 12-day Euro tour last 2014 because one, it is a good place to escape the cold weather outside and two, the coffee, pastries and hot chocolate of Europe are just freaking delicious. It had been the same when we went to Salzburg. Before we left Salzburg, we dropped by this eye-catchy shop called Niemetz Cafe near the Horse Wells which offers a wide variety of cakes and has an old-fashioned interior highlighted by pink and gold detailings.

Of Sights and Pastries in Salzburg

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA. I woke up in our room in Austria Trend Hotel Salzburg at around 6 in the morning. It has been my usual routine to go to the restaurant first to have my breakfast before going back to our room to take a bath and dress up but knowing that this would be the last leg of our Imperial Europe tour, I chose to do otherwise. Located at the 15th level of the hotel was the Panorama Restaurant. We had our dinner there the previous night but since it was already dark outside, I was not able to see the restaurant then in its full glory.

More of the Sound of Music

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA. Salzburg as is was already amazing but to see sights there with my own eyes which I had only seen in movies was even more amazing that it took the experience we had in the city to a more special place in my heart. The Sound of Music had been a part of my childhood. I was first introduced to it by my mom. I think I was only about Grade 2 or 3 when I first watched it but it did not stick with me then. I was so young to understand the plot or at the least understand the stars past their slangs.

The Sounds of Music, the Alps and a Hint of a Snowman in Salzburg

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA. Salzburg, Salzburg. I did not know much about it prior joining the tour aside from the fact that it is in Austria and is the birthplace of the classical icon Mozart, which is kind of weird, really, as I do not know how I was able to retain that bit of information given I am neither a Mozart follower nor a pianist learning his works. Evidently, I must have picked it up somewhere.

A Curiousity-Inducing Dinner in Grandma's House

VIENNA, AUSTRIA. It was our last night in Vienna when we dined in Marchfelderhof which was just a 10-minute drive from the city center. I was not feeling well then that even though I had been looking forward to going to this restaurant, I was actually sizing myself if I can handle it or not and if I should just stay in our hotel to rest. But since I know I should not miss this since I already made a preconceived image of the place, I persuaded myself that I was already feeling better so I did go.

Vienna, Austria: Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront

VIENNA, AUSTRIA. Perched along the River Danube is this amazing hotel called Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront which we stayed in at when we were in Vienna. The first sight of its amazingness took hold when we entered the compound and crossed over the main road through a bridge to reach the other side of the road. Immediately impressed! The moment the bus parked outside, I immediately found myself scurrying towards the exit. It had been a long drive from Budapest so I was kind of ecstatic to stretch again my legs and breathe some fresh air. It was indeed some fresh but cold air that I breathed and I remembered that it felt invigorating

Sophisticated Vienna in Daylight

VIENNA, AUSTRIA. Vienna is the epitome of sophistication. I immediately saw it the moment I stepped inside the Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront and saw the Danube River flowing gracefully and calmly at the back of it. Furthermore, I felt it the instance I laid down on their firm and huge bed and rested my head on the bed's soft and amazing pillows. The combination rendered me lazy and motionless. It was as if I just want to stay there and take in the comfort I had been snatched with the last few days that I had been travelling.

Music Appreciation in the Kursalon Hübner

VIENNA, AUSTRIA. After our sumptuous meal in Pizza Bizi, we headed on towards Kursalon Hubner, which was just a kilometer-walk away from the restaurant, for some classical music appreciation. Based on Italian Renaissance architecture, the Kursalon Hübner was designed by Johan Garben and built during the years 1865 to 1867. Adjacent to it is the 6-hectare Stadtpark (City Park) which opened in 1862. During those times, the Kursalon (or rather, the land where it is now standing) only served as a place where visitors can get mineral waters to drink. After its construction, the Kursalon started seeing better days. In 1868, the first concert by Johann Strauss took place in there. Since then, it had become a venue for meetings and concerts

A Big, Humongous and Unexpected Dinner in Vienna

VIENNA, AUSTRIA. The 1.5-hour drive from Gyor to Vienna had been the fastest and easiest ride that we had during the tour. Upon our arrival in the city, we immediately headed on towards the Hilton Vienna Danube Waterfront, our hotel during our stay in the city, which has this spectacular view of the River Danube. Since it was still the peak of the afternoon when we arrived in Vienna, we still had time left in our hands to roam around and do what we please before heading downtown to have our dinner.