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Winter in Australia: Opera House and Harbour Bridge in the morning (Day 2 of 6)

SYDNEY, AUSTRALIA. We woke up at around 6 in the morning to go with our uncle on his way to work. He was telling us the day before that his office near the Circular Quay has an impeccable view of the Sydney Harbour Bridge on the left and the Opera House on the right. Apparently, Circular Quay is the gateway to the two iconic landmarks and with this, a great idea sparked in an instant.

How to Apply for An Australian Tourist Visa and Getting It

Dreaming of seeing up-close the Sydney Opera House, hiking the Blue Mountains, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, taking a picture of a kangaroo or koala bear or chilling along the shores of Bondi beach or Manly beach? No problem! With the advent of online visa processing and the visa-label free policy of Australia, travelling to this huge land mass of a country that is also coincidentally a continent had never been this easy. Here is the step-by-step guide that we took in securing our tourist visas.