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Cakes and Chocolates in Niemetz

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA. Confectionery shops or konditorei dominate Europe. I think it is safe to say that we have gone to at least a couple of dozen cafes during our 12-day Euro tour last 2014 because one, it is a good place to escape the cold weather outside and two, the coffee, pastries and hot chocolate of Europe are just freaking delicious. It had been the same when we went to Salzburg. Before we left Salzburg, we dropped by this eye-catchy shop called Niemetz Cafe near the Horse Wells which offers a wide variety of cakes and has an old-fashioned interior highlighted by pink and gold detailings.

Welcoming Prague in U Císařů

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC. Located along the so-called Royal Way near the Prague Castle, U Císařů, which literally means "The Emperors", invites you to a dining experience like no other. For one, the restaurant's interior is just absolutely stunning and evokes a feeling of a distant past. As you walk along the corridor right after the main door, every minute detail that you see along the way captures you. The dim lights help in setting the overall mood.