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OLONGAPO CITY, PHILIPPINES - Opened in 1984, The Coffee Shop has become an institution in Barretto, a small barrio just outside the city center of Olongapo. The unassuming restaurant  is accessible through a 10-minute drive from the city center to the northern part of Zambales. Even before my parents chose to reside near here and even before I had been born, this restaurant is already up and running and serving the largest, if not the best, tacos in town!

SUBIC, PHILIPPINES - To anyone who has already gone to Subic, I bet you are all familiar with this small-turned-humongous cafe standing in the middle of it. For those who already did go to Subic but had not chanced upon this place when they were there, why oh why have you not?? First of all, it is hard to miss it because of the throng of people flocking the place day in and day out.