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Mommy Bloggers Workshop

I am not a mommy but I attended the Mommy Bloggers Workshop last April 23, which was organized by Good Housekeeping and sponsored by Elica, because the lineup of speakers and the topics ought to be discussed got me really excited! How to update my photography skills, market my blog and build my brand? I want!

Gourmet Society: The Privilege Card Foodies Got to Have

Filipinos have a penchant for food. Case in point is that I love to eat and I love to explore new restaurants to dine in. With the boom of the restaurant industry and establishments sprouting right and left, keeping up with all of them is already becoming a taxing task and not to mention, a really expensive endeavor for a foodie like me. That is why when Gourmet Society introduced a membership and privilege card which gives its members 20% off from their total bill when they dine in their partner restaurants, I was beyond ecstatic! Now, I got you curious, too, right?

A Fun and Educational Trip to Malolos, Bulacan

BULACAN, PHILIPPINES - In the frontier of a Saturday morning, in between sips of your favorite morning drink and a bite of your homecooked Tapsilog while sitting on the dining room you find yourself thinking on where to spend the rest of your weekend at. You thought hard, thought deep but gave up when you realized that you are devoid of any exciting options. You live in the metro where different sizes of shiny malls abound.

Do you ever feel that most of our pasalubong centers here in the metro are not as reflective of the Pinoy abilities and as extensive as we want it to be? Moreover, these pasalubong centers usually offer the same products as its other counterparts. Wherever you go, it is the same all through out! 

Warning: This is a rich in photos post. Upon knowing that there is a museum/gallery like this in the metro, I immediately made it a point to go there the next day. Dolls sometimes give me the creeps especially if they look close to the real deal! But because of my curiosity, I swallowed my fear and went to Dolljoy. The emergence of Dolljoy is a nice story in itself.