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How to Apply for An Australian Tourist Visa and Getting It

Dreaming of seeing up-close the Sydney Opera House, hiking the Blue Mountains, scuba diving in the Great Barrier Reef, taking a picture of a kangaroo or koala bear or chilling along the shores of Bondi beach or Manly beach? No problem! With the advent of online visa processing and the visa-label free policy of Australia, travelling to this huge land mass of a country that is also coincidentally a continent had never been this easy. Here is the step-by-step guide that we took in securing our tourist visas.

Seeing the Rest of Prague

PRAGUE, CZECH REPUBLIC. It had been snowing hard the second day that we were in Prague. Actually, it was snowing hard then in most parts of Europe. Our tour guide said that Stuttgart even reached -38 during the early part of the morning. Good thing we were not anymore in Germany by then!

Travel Items I Can't Do Without When I Go Explore the World

One of the things I take pride on is the fact that I am a light packer. I can usually live from a backpack or a small luggage whenever I travel especially when I'll just be heading to a country that has a weather like ours.

I am that no-fuss kind of girl. That one whom you can see wearing a pair of shorts and a t-shirt or a light dress paired with an equally comfortable sandals or rubber shoes for that long walk, sightseeing and culture immersion day-long.

Getting from Munich Airport to the City Center

MUNICH, GERMANY. With a distance of 36 kilometers, getting to the Munich city center is still a 30 to 45-minute ride from the airport. There were a lot of transportation options available to get to the city center. There's the bus, car rentals, hotel shuttles which you can request from the hotel where you will stay in, taxis (which cost about EUR 70 for a 33-kilometer ride) but we chose the most economical of all without taking too much time and without being so tedious to use: the S-bahn.

Data Tips: How to Stay Connected In Singapore?

SINGAPORE, SINGAPORE - I always like to get connected whenever I am in a different country since I always want to share my adventures to my friends and my readers. To stay connected, you can either utilize the WIFI of some establishments who carry it or you could also buy a prepaid SIM card from a trusted telecom company that offers affordable data bundles for travellers like us.