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Cheap Eats Series #2: Mohr Fish

I can still remember how I was craving for this particular meal that day. I do not know why but there was just something about having it at that moment that would make me so happy. And you know what that was? Fish & Chips. Good ol' Fish and Chips, mate

Sydney Night Noodle Markets

The abundance of food choices, great outdoors, lively atmosphere, foodies all around and the casual ambiance. These are just some of the things that I love about food markets!

In lieu of the Good Food Month that's happening in Sydney every October, the Night Noodle Markets came back to life with 40 stalls each offering different mouth-watering specialties in Hyde Park 7 days a week, starting at 5 pm on weeknights and 4 pm on weekends.

Cheap Eats Series #1: Ayam Goreng 99

Hallo, hallo and I am back!

Since I had been MIA here for quite some time I know I have to resurface with a bang. So without further ado, I introduce you to my Cheap Eats Series which was conceptualized out of the desire to find food in Sydney that not only tastes good but is so affordable you'll find time and energy to look for them! This was also done to erase the wrong notion associated with Sydney that everything here is so expensive.

Gourmet Society: The Privilege Card Foodies Got to Have

Filipinos have a penchant for food. Case in point is that I love to eat and I love to explore new restaurants to dine in. With the boom of the restaurant industry and establishments sprouting right and left, keeping up with all of them is already becoming a taxing task and not to mention, a really expensive endeavor for a foodie like me. That is why when Gourmet Society introduced a membership and privilege card which gives its members 20% off from their total bill when they dine in their partner restaurants, I was beyond ecstatic! Now, I got you curious, too, right?

Velvet Tea: Crystal Jade's New Heat Buster

METRO MANILA, PHILIPPINES. I am not usual to complain about the heat but you just have to admit that the weather these past few weeks had been hellish. It's so hot! There were times when I just want to submerge my body in icy waters and just stay there until summer is over while I reach out for the most accessible cold delight there is, both at the same time. But you know how hard that is and how it is easier to just buy some cold drink and chug it all until you reach its bottom. 

Risotto in Toledo

TOLEDO, SPAIN. Going up and down for 3 hours in the streets of Toledo made my tummy crave for nourishment. That is why when we were introduced to this place that apparently offer a nice plate of Risotto, we immediately grabbed it without even considering the fact that we are about to eat an Italian dish in a Spanish city. Tucked at the end of Calle Alfonso VI, Restaurante Virgen de La Estrella can be reached by entering at the Puerta de Alfonso VI and traversing the said street.

Tapas Night in Cinco Jotas

MADRID, SPAIN. Tapas night is always a great idea on a Saturday evening in Madrid. We joined a tour group and part of the experience being put forth by Trafalgar is its ability to let its travellers experience what the the locals typically do at a given day or moment of a day and bring them to the best places there is in town to let them experience it. Our travel director whisked us away to a nice restaurant along Calle del Padre Damian and near out hotel, AC Cuzco. Cinco Jotas is the name of the restaurant and it offers varying types of tapas that are so flavorful and delightful which made me forget all the tapas (especially those disguising as tapas) that I have eaten before.

Cakes and Chocolates in Niemetz

SALZBURG, AUSTRIA. Confectionery shops or konditorei dominate Europe. I think it is safe to say that we have gone to at least a couple of dozen cafes during our 12-day Euro tour last 2014 because one, it is a good place to escape the cold weather outside and two, the coffee, pastries and hot chocolate of Europe are just freaking delicious. It had been the same when we went to Salzburg. Before we left Salzburg, we dropped by this eye-catchy shop called Niemetz Cafe near the Horse Wells which offers a wide variety of cakes and has an old-fashioned interior highlighted by pink and gold detailings.

A Curiousity-Inducing Dinner in Grandma's House

VIENNA, AUSTRIA. It was our last night in Vienna when we dined in Marchfelderhof which was just a 10-minute drive from the city center. I was not feeling well then that even though I had been looking forward to going to this restaurant, I was actually sizing myself if I can handle it or not and if I should just stay in our hotel to rest. But since I know I should not miss this since I already made a preconceived image of the place, I persuaded myself that I was already feeling better so I did go.