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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!

Cumulus: The Start of Our Quest for Great Food

Cumulus: The Start of Our Quest for Great Food


We have always wanted to try a few of the best restaurants here in Melbourne according to the lists made by some of the most reputable websites here in Australia to date. Last month, we got the chance to eat at Cumulus. We went there after hearing the mass. Since we had lunch pretty early, we were already starving upon stepping out of the church. Along the restaurant-filled Flinders Lane is where we found Cumulus. Very discrete, if you ask me. The restaurant was small with just approximately 15 tables. We were seated at the far end corner, a very apt location for a young family with a pram.

We placed our order - O’Connor Sirloin, Slow Roast Lamb Shoulder and a bowl of Roast Baby Kipfler Potatoes, all to share. We did not order any wine as water would be more satisfying for our grumbling stomachs. The waitress let us know that the steak will be ready in at least 40 minutes. It was a long wait, yes, but our appetite for steak was stronger than our hunger. We were willing to wait.

We distracted ourselves while waiting - Kimi played, Aaron played with Kimi while I played on my phone. They also served a few slices of sourdough bread with butter. I am not into butter and I am not the kind who spreads butter on her bread but that butter was completely sensational. Mind you, I ended up eating the butter as is. Not 20 minutes has passed by, our steak already arrived. We were beyond ecstatic as it was presented so good on the plate. We went straight for the steak. I cut a piece, rubbed the piece on the Shiitake puree and munched the piece down. First thought? Best dish ever. Ahhh, that shiitake puree did it for me. Add to it the tenderness of the steak, my mouth was dancing with joy.

It did not stop there as the lamb shoulder did not allow itself to get beaten by the steak. It was the most tender lamb I have eaten by far and I will certainly go back to the restaurant just for this dish.

Our experience had been magical. And so this begins our quest to tick-off one by one all the best restaurants in the world. But first, we will start with Melbourne.

Summer in Singapore: Sentosa Island and Singapore Zoo

Summer in Singapore: Sentosa Island and Singapore Zoo