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Avalon Airshow 2019

Avalon Airshow 2019


Hello from Avalon!

A typical 30 to 40-minute drive from where we live, the drive to the Avalon Airport had become an hour long ride yesterday as a mass of people attended the Avalon Airshow 2019. It was my first time to attend such an event here but I had my fair share of experience when I attended the Singapore Airshow years ago.

The adventure started when we parked our car in a dessert-like location along with thousands of vehicles outside the airshow premise. Upon opening the car doorand leaving the car, we immediately were kissed by the dizzying heat and hot air coming from all directions. We could not care less as we can already see the flying display happening at the distance. We rode in a coach from the carpark to the event.


We immediately headed towards the air-conditioned halls where the exhibitors were to serve as our refuge from the heat. The 38-degree weather only allowed our energy to last for 15 minutes tops at a time which was really a shame as there were a lot of aircrafts and displays to see and experience outside. The flying displays were coming in almost every 10 minutes. Although the loud roar of the engines excite us, Kimi let out a loud cry the second time a jet passed on top of us. It was a good thing that the merchandisers offer head-cancelling earmuffs for the kids so we bought one as well for Kimi. For us adults, the ear foam plugs were already enough.

To not push my mom and Kimi to their limits, we just decided for them to just stay and roam around the halls until the heat subsided. It never did.


In my case, I just braved the summer-like autumn heat because I cannot let seeing the displays pass.

I am just so inspired to see the enthusiasts who chose to be oblivious of the heat; who have already saved their places in there to not a miss a thing and who were patiently waiting for each act. Lugging my standard camera lens, I also was drooling over with most of the enthusiasts’ photography gear complete with telephoto zoom lenses that I can only dream of for now. I wonder how their photos turned out. They may have been phenomenal. Nonetheless, I made do with what I have and my camera had been amazing as well.


Despite the heat, it had been a fun day for us. I think I had the most fun among us three. I chose to use food and water to help me battle the crazily hot weather and I am glad to say that they kept me in pretty good shape. At least now we learned our lessons. Come as early as possible to give yourself ample time to enjoy first the outside displays. Bring enough sunscreen. When afternoon comes, run away from the heat by going inside the air-conditioned halls and staying there for hours until the last few minutes of the airshow so you can enjoy the finale. However, if you have the money to spare, just get yourself a Club Aerospace Package so that you do not have to remember the other things that I just said.

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