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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!

Discover-eats in Fitzroy

Discover-eats in Fitzroy


I am so amused! Brunswick Street in Fitzroy is teeming with restaurants left and right. We walked along the stretch for 20 minutes non-stop but never even just for a split second had there been a shortage of restaurants and shops to dine in and explore. I could spend a whole day here and still I won’t be able to cover a fraction of what this street has to offer.

After doning a market-hunter hat and being contented with what we have bought, we decided to get some lunch in a nearby restaurant from Rose Street which is The Fitz. I do not know anything about The Fitz Cafe, but since it is the first restaurant that we saw that is almost jam-packed (it means something right?) we decided to just eat there.

We ordered the Eggplant Chips with Chipotle Mayo for our appetizer which sounds so good and the steak dish which was on the Specials board that day. Pardon me for not remembering the name of the dish, maybe it was the hunger that did it! The Egpplant Chips is so perfect that I still want to order another plate but decided against it as my tummy was already starting to get full. I still needed some space for the mains. The steak dish was superb. Meat was cooked as how I liked my medium-rare steak to be; the carrot puree was ah-may-zing, sweet and buttery; and that sauce, oh my, that sauce with the spinach just tasted so Asian I immediately fell in love with it at first bite.


After our lunch in The Fitz, we went back outside and walked for another kilometer or so until we saw a crêperie called Breizoz French Creperie serving crepes obviously and homemade ice cream. Now who does not want homemade ice cream especially in this heat? Ordered the Fraises for the crepe which has some fresh strawberries, chocolate, creme chantilly (yum!) and toasted almond flakes. And we also got a sorbet! I initially asked for their special flavour but the waiter just told me that they have none for the day but all the ice cream flavors in the menu were available. Also, he recommended for us to get the sorbet as he is positive that it is a better choice especially on a hot day. Of course being the Filipino that I am I chose mango (which apparently is not on the menu) over strawberry!

The crepe was so delicious which is a given. I just love how thin the crepe was and how everything just went well together. But for me, the main star of the afternoon was the mango sorbet which tasted divine! It is just so smooth and sweet but also sour at the same time. The balance of the tastes and the texture were surely what made this a winner.

Mickey Mouse Arthouse and Lunch in Stalactites

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Market Hunting in Fitzroy

Market Hunting in Fitzroy