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Market Hunting in Fitzroy

Market Hunting in Fitzroy

One day I just realized I have not visited that many weekend markets yet. In my two years here in Melbourne, I have only gone to Queen Victoria Market and South Melbourne Market which are givens as I am sure every person that lives here has gone into those markets one way or another. I was able to go to The Big Design Market a year ago though which I absolutely loved as there were a lot to see and explore in there. So to counter that and start being more exposed to markets, I decided to visit Fitzroy. We initially just wanted to go in the Rose Street Market but we ended up discovering a lot more.

The Fitzroy Mills Market


We arrived in Rose Street at around 130 PM. We were about to go directly in The Rose Street Market but saw this seemingly unassuming parking lot that has been turned into a market while we were looking for a spot to park in. The market is called The Fitzroy Mills and apparently is very popular in the area. After we secured a parking spot, we went directly to The Fitzroy Mills which was already closing at 2 PM. We only have 20 minutes left to roam around which was really not enough if you want to take your time but is already good enough to just get an overview.

I have noticed that there is more stalls selling pre-loved items in there than fresh produce but it is possible as well that I just came in too late to see the totality of its offerings. That market was filled with treasures though! Treasures you had to dig in to find. Despite the limited time, I was able to snag a $2 black, knee-length coat from Bardot and a $25 black leather jacket from an unknown brand. $27 for two outerwears? Now that is something! I have not considered shopping in vintage markets before as I am not really sure how I feel about wearing thrifted items but when I saw the quality of the items, oh my, they’re wonderful. You just know that the owners really took great care of these clothes! I had also been looking for a nice leather jacket for ages now and it was only in here that I found one that I absolutely love. It is not too bulky, it does not have too many hardware and the leather is just so soft. Not to mention it is in my size! It is just so perfect for me. Who would have thought that I’ll be able to find what I am looking for here? Well, some people do! Anyway, I’ll show them to you here next time.

The Rose Street Market


Since we were already so happy with our purchases and the stalls were already packing up in The Fitzroy Mills, we moved to the Rose Street Market which is just across the street. If you are looking for a unique item to put in your living room or gift a friend then this is the place to be! This market is filled with creativity. From scented candles and hand-made paintings to hand-drawn postcards and unique home fixtures, you’ll surely spend at least an hour here adoring the beautiful items in there and at least another hour deciding what to buy.


The Evelyn Market


Already drained from the summer heat, we decided to cut for a moment our shopping and looking spree and head on to Brunswick Street to find a nice restaurant to sit down and catch a late lunch in. While looking for one, we found this indoor market that was set in the ground floor of a hotel. Here we go again but not without having some food first.

After we had our lunch, we went straight back to it and found ourselves in this market that is so cool, literally and figuratively. With a bar on the left, couches in the middle, a stage in front and loud dance music blaring from the speakers, you would know that this market is a bar at night. It is called The Evelyn Market by the way which is set on the ground floor of The Evelyn Hotel every first Saturday of the month. Good thing that we have timed that it was open when we were in Fitzroy!

Again,  another great market if you want to take a break from the summer heat outside and to find some really great pre-loved clothes and items as well. We were able to get a pair of pants and a beautiful silk dress in there for just $10 each. What a bargain! You can also order some drinks in the bar if you want something to sip while you are shopping.


All in all, our visit in Fitzroy had been a lovely experience. We spent almost 5 hours there and if not for the heat and the markets closing early we would have stayed longer than intended. Maybe there are still more markets in there that I need to explore? Please share them to me if you know other markets that I should go into! By the way, the Fitzroy Mills is open every Saturday from 9 am to 2 pm, the Rose Street Artist’s Market is open during weekends from 11 am to 5 pm and The Evelyn Market is open every first Saturday of the month from 12 noon to 5 pm.

Discover-eats in Fitzroy

Discover-eats in Fitzroy

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