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Daily Post #9: More Happiness for My Skin

Since I really got hooked with the super-sized samples that I got from Happy Skincare weeks ago, I got myself another batch of their products but this time I got the full versions. I placed my order during the weekends and I received my box full of goodies on Thursday morning, which took the same time as the last order I made with them.

My most favorite part in any online order is the unboxing. I love the mysteriousness of it. Though the outside looks pretty generic, online stores usually take a lot of time and effort into the organization and presentation of the goodies. Though the presentation for this order is almost the same as the previous one, I still got the same amount of giddiness and excitement like the first time around!


On to the products! I bought again the 3-step system set (cleanser, toner and moisturizer) and got the same cleanser and tonic but this time tried the other cream available. The ‘Over the Moon’ Rich Repair Cream is heavier and richer than the other moisturizing cream but I can feel that it provides better hydration than the other which is more appropriate for night-time use.


Apart from the 3-step system set, I also got myself this time a tub of the ‘Pig In Mud’ Mineral Mask. Yes, I got a full tub since I really fell head over heels with the product in my first use and the sachet only took me just one use to finish it. I wanted more!


Since I got the mineral mask on top of the set, I received a free Konjac sponge by Kuu Konjac. The sponges come in different colors and each color corresponds to a particular skin type. I got the black one which has some added natural bamboo charcoal giving it that color and is said that it is best for those dry, acne-prone and problematic skin. Though my skin type does not fall in that category I chose it as I felt that it is the most effective out of the bunch. If it can address problematic skins what more can it do for my skin right?

It’s actually my first time to hear about this sponge which ought to be used either on its own or with your favorite cleanser. The Konjac sponge originated in Japan and had been used by the Japanese for more than a century now as a beauty treatment for their delicate skins. The product is all natural as the raw ingredient Konjac is actually a Japanese jelly-like health food made from a type of potato. It can allegedly do a lot of things for the skin: it can minimize pores, restore the pH of the skin, stimulate blood circulation and encourage growth of new skin cells. Wow, those benefits alone could already get you to instantly jump in the bandwagon!


But wait, it gets better than this! Aside from the free sponge, Happy Skincare was also giving away then a free full-sized tube of the ‘Happily Ever After’ Vitamin C Serum for customers who order $60 worth of products or more. I can’t believe my luck! I think the tube costs around $40 dollars, which I think is way over my budget for a serum so to get it for free is something huge.


I had been using the products for a few weeks now and as expected they are all suitable and are working well for my skin. I can’t see a lot of improvement yet because a few weeks is a minute time to see any significant change so I’ll just continue using these products and hope that I’d get to share with you soon my skin’s journey with Happy Skincare.

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