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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!

Daily Post #30: Long Weekend and Driving

We’re having a long weekend right now in Australia. Yesterday has been declared a public holiday nationwide in preparation for the AFL Grand Finals. That’s how much Australians love Footy! Although I am not a footy fan, or a fan of any sports for that matter (starting to love Tennis though because of my husband’s influence), I love that I could get an extra day off from work just to reset my body and relax.

Yesterday, I was able to get my car which is a very deal big for me as it is my first car! Since I do not have a full driver’s license I am not yet allowed to drive it though. Thanks to my accommodating and generous sales agent, he actually drove my car all the way down to my place. Talking about a great customer service! I would surely give him a high rating when the survey comes.

In the afternoon, I checked again my car, drove it back and forth my carport, checked the interior, exterior, lights, display and paired the multimedia system to my phone. I also tried sitting at the back but I have not tested yet the capacity of the boot. Anyway, I love my car! It is so hassle free and very practical. There’s not much to fiddle around. I’m not into the latest technology as those things are unnecessary for me. I just want something that is sturdy, has a perfect ANCAP safety rating, has a reverse camera, plays some music, perfect for my family’s size and something that could get the job done, which is to allow us to safely travel from one place to another. More than that is just icing on the cake. I just can’t wait to get my license now so that I could already drive it. Anyway, I still have to build that confidence and experience in driving so that when my driving test comes, I would already be self-assured that I’d ace it.

Today, I had my driving lessons again with the funny John. John is a middle-aged, Aussie guy who likes to sing songs and hum tunes while I’m driving. He smiles a lot and says “Thank you!” after every driving instruction he gives me (e.g. “My dear Laverne, please turn to the right at the next stop, thank you!”). Also, whenever he likes something that I’ve done he would say “Wonderful!”, “That’s sensational!” or anything to that extent. Nonetheless, though he has a sing-song nature, John is very strict with driving. John pushes me to be a better driver. John wanted me to do it perfectly and acquire the skills and confidence that would make me a great and safe driver. We focused on perfecting my turns from a secondary road to a primary road and vice versa earlier as he mostly wanted me to gain that confidence to get into a busy, primary road. He also taught me how to make a precise and safe turn: approach a stop or give-way line, angle in to the kerb, assess both sides and make the turn. He always tell me to never doubt the wheel and to trust myself. We had a good driving lesson earlier and I can’t wait for the next lesson. I resolve to do a better job next week!

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