Daily Post #25: Recent Rejections

Iโ€™ve encountered two recent rejections. One is work-related and the other one is a more personal one. Nonetheless, both bothered me. Though they both bothered me, my reaction to each was polar-opposite. I was left stunned by the first one while I was in fight-mode with the second one. It is ridiculous. I have not done anything yet to alleviate my situation for the work-related rejection while I was determined to completely turn the situation around to achieve the more personal one the moment I got off the phone with the person who told me that I had been rejected. I called up another person instantly that might help me. He said he probably could, so I tried again. Maybe itโ€™s the fear of rejection that had been bothering me or the overwhelming feeling to take the first step that is getting into me. This is not the first time that a rejection happened but why don't I learn? Why is it hard for me to take the first step when it is inevitable to do so? I think it is because the fear is stronger than the will. I have to have a reason stronger than my fear. My husband let me see that I have to look past my pride and self-serving reasons. I have to see that this is not anymore just about me. I actually have a reason now that should transcend all the fear that I have and that is our baby.