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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!

Daily Post #24: Elementary 15


We discovered this new restaurant in Footscray called Elementary 15 when Aaron was browsing through Facebook. They were offering their Black Angus Porterhouse for just $15 until the end of the month which was enough to lure us in. I immediately messaged the restaurant to confirm the offer and they told me that they are still and they were actually extending it until next month. Being steak lovers that we are, we did not pass up the opportunity to take advantage of this introductory offer. Anyway, it is not all the time that we can have some Porterhouse at that price!


The interior of the restaurant is quite simple. Fitted with wooden chairs and tables, some steel, and touches of black here and there, the restaurant actually emits an inviting, casual and family-friendly vibe. Opening the menu, anyone can quickly deduce that this is an Italian restaurant. I am not really a fan of Italian fares but what the heck, they have steaks and an amazing array of cakes and those are already enough for me.


Aaron and I each ordered the Black Angus Porterhouse complete with sides of mixed salads and chips. He had his done medium rare with pepper sauce while I had mine in medium well plus the mushroom sauce. I am more of a medium-rare-steak kind of person but since my GP had advised me to refrain from eating rare / undercooked meats and to have my meat cooked all throughout to minimize risk of toxoplasmosis (from toxoplasma parasite that may reside in raw meats) and food poisoning which is very serious during pregnancy, I just had to adhere. Aaron's pepper sauce has this weird minty and citrusy taste in it which we did not like but my mushroom sauce was divine I finished it to the last drop! I could probably down a whole bucket of that thing in one go. Good thing there's no rice in the menu because I would most probably order one if they have, push aside those greens out of my sight and pour that amazing sauce on top of the rice aka eating steak Filipino style!


Though I was able to finish the mushroom sauce, I wasn't able to eat all of my steak because I was already full midway. I did almost finish those nicely cooked chips and the lettuce leaves on my salad and Aaron's salad though. I've noticed this past week that I get full easily. I think this is because my baby's already squishing my intestines and other internal organs at play when I am eating as he's growing in a faster rate now than before. I actually am having a workout from eating!


Since we underestimated the steaks and overestimated our appetites, I also ordered the tiramisu. I just saw the tiramisu in their menu board with a description that says "Italian sponge fingers soaked in coffee and covered in rich mascarpone". These people really know how to play with words and trigger my cravings as they definitely had me at "soaked in coffee" and mascarpone. This is one of those instances when illiteracy and a non-imaginative mind would be blessings but since I am neither, we found ourselves looking at this big glass of mascarpone goodness standing proudly in front of us, ready to please. Getting the tiramisu is both a bad and good decision as the dessert was just lovely but we, mostly I, ended up being so full and heavy.

To cap off, Elementary 15 serves some pretty amazing comfort food. I have yet to try their Italian dishes in the future. We got the steak for a very good deal and their full-priced steaks are still fairly competitive but since I am a cheapskate I might have to share next time a plate with Aaron. I'll definitely go back and pay full-price for the mushroom sauce and the tiramisu though!

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