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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!

Daily Post #21: Gender Reveal

One of the things that I had been excited about when we found that I am pregnant is knowing the gender of my baby. I initially was neutral. Boy or girl, it does not matter as long as the baby will come out healthy. But since my partner wanted to have a boy, if given a choice, and visions of having a boy had then been creeping my mind, my bias towards having a boy grew.

Relatives and friends on other hand were either predicting or praying for us to have a girl. My uncle even dreamt that I have baby girl. I also dreamt once about having a girl. In the dream, Aaron and I were in a clinic, in the middle of a morphology scan when the sonographer told us that we are having a girl to which I immediately replied, “Are you sure?”. When the sonographer confirmed this to me, I woke up.

Though we have our bias set, I know that I should not get my hopes high so I held back and put back myself to a neutral position.

When we had our morphology scan, we found out we are having a boy. We had a good view of our baby’s genitals and it really can’t be mistaken. I saw how Aaron’s face lit up when he found out!

The next day, some of my workmates were asking me already if I had found out the gender of the baby. I told them then it’s a secret. Well I really tried hard to keep mum about it for about 3 days but I could not hold a news like that for so long. It gets harder by the day! So when one of my workmates asked me again if I already knew if it was a boy or girl so that she can bake me cupcakes, I immediately said yes! She’ so thoughtful. I am not into those kind of stuffs but if someone will do it for me then why not? We revealed the gender of our baby to our friends and relatives just by sending them the ultrasound pictures and that’s it! Simple and free of gimmicks.

Last Monday, my baker workmate told me that she’s supposed to bring cupcakes that day for my gender reveal but she burnt it so she’ll try again that night. The next day, she brought this lovely cake:

I cut the cake during break time. The cake revealed a blue middle which indicates that I am having a boy! Though some of them already knew it, they were still very game in “finding out” the gender through the cake. It may be just a simple gesture but I was very touched.

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