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Daily Post #12: Prenatal Yoga Class (1/3)


I vowed to myself that I’ll join a prenatal exercise course once I reach the 2nd trimester of my pregnancy. I started looking for a studio that offers these kinds of courses when I was still in my first trimester but to no luck. If they are not far, their courses are too expensive. Yoga, pilates, kegel, aqua aerobics, I tried researching for everything so that I could find the perfect fit for me.

Pregnancy classes in pilates are always too damn expensive. Aqua aerobics, I realized later on, is not something that I would go for because I do not see myself getting excited to head out in a pool during winter or windy days. Kegel exercises can be taught by a physiotherapist and can be done during clinic visits. For yoga, there’s a lot of yoga studios around but studios that offer prenatal yoga classes are a rarity in my area.

It’s a good thing that I did not stop trying because the moment I’ve reach my 2nd trimester, I was able to find this amazing yoga studio that offers affordable prenatal yoga classes. Not to mention it is also just a 10-minute drive or 30-minute commute from my place. It is perfect!

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