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Daily Post #3: Finding and Establishing a Skincare Regimen (2/3)


Finding and Establishing a Skincare Regimen (1/3)

So, what brand is it? Happy Skincare. Even the name has a nice ring to it! It sounds so light, carefree and natural. Happy Skincare is run by husband-and-wife duo Aaron and Phoebe and is based in NSW. You can click here if you want to know more about the brand.

I ordered the super-sized samples of their 3-step system (Cleanser, toner and moisturizer) and thrown in a sample of one of their cream moisturizers. This also comes with a free sachet of their mud mask. I placed the order on a Monday night and I received the package Friday of the same week which was pretty fast considering that the items came all the way from New South Wales and is being deliver to Victoria. Not to mention that the transaction was pretty smooth.

I already forgot how it feels like to unravel a package or a gift that is why I was so excited and giddy when I finally got my hands on it. The excitement heightened when I opened the package and discovered what’s inside.

The lovely cards on top were the first things that I saw: one contains directions on how to go through the 3-step system and apply the products so that the buyer can get the most benefit from them while the other card is a love letter from the duo.


Below the cards are the items perfectly concealed by this blue sheer wrapper with a cute sticker in front in which a random, happy quote that can surely elevate one’s mood is written. This perfectly acts as another layer of surprise that you can't wait to peel off. Mine says:

Happiness isn’t just one big thing. It’s all the little things put together.

So this is how it feels like to open a parcel that has been carefully and lovingly thought of, prepared and packed. However, the happiness does not stop there since inside the wrapper is where the true magic lies.

Finding and Establishing a Skincare Regimen (3/3)

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