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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!

Daily 30 Before 30

So this starts another big, audacious goal of mine. Every year on my birthday I always am inspired to take on another project or challenge. There’s just something about a new year (age-wise) that makes me want to be a better version of me. However, almost all of the time, I just face the same fate. Losing interest. Stopping midway for various reasons. Never following through. Just endless planning. And always does it pain me whenever I allow the same fate to come to fruition.

This time I will strive for it to be different. I have always fallen in and out of love of writing. Sometimes I nurture it, sometimes I completely forget about it that is why an idea popped into my head. How could I nourish something without overwhelming myself that I lose interest into it later on? By making small progresses everyday. By taking little steps to get to that big, audacious goal I currently have.

I am turning 29 tomorrow and a year from tomorrow I will then be 30 but before I turn 30 I would like to challenge myself to do something that I have never done before: to write daily. Write non-stop and undisturbed for 30 minutes daily about anything and everything. Rain or shine. Inspired or not. Just 365 blog posts, writings, odes, notes or whatever they may be from tomorrow until I turn 30. I do not know how this would go and I can imagine it would be hard at times to spit out something that is great and mind-blowing all the time. But mind-blowing every single time is not what I am after right now. I just want to write, be challenged and improve my writing skills and if something great comes out of it, then I think it will just then be an icing on the cake.

Daily Post #1: Birthday

Taco and Some Weird Cravings

Taco and Some Weird Cravings