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Taco and Some Weird Cravings

Taco and Some Weird Cravings

Reading weird cravings from some mums-to-be makes me utterly grateful that I am not experiencing anything like that at all. Though I still get the occasional cravings for something sweet or salty, depending on what my taste buds wanted to torture me with, I do not have those strange and sometimes bordering-to-insane cravings that other pregnant women have.

Cooked spaghetti noodles topped with maple syrup and marshmallows?


Dirt? Sponge?

Those are crazy! I even read a comment one time from this mum-to-be that she got this unusual craving to gobble up her shampoo while she was taking a shower. And you know what? Drink her shampoo she did! Some of them are totally insane I was cringing while I was reading them.

Today, I had a craving too. I went to the grocery since I am already low on some stock but while I am in there, I saw this drool-worthy taco kit that promises me some nice tacos for myself in just 15 minutes. Since I have been missing already that famous taco place back in my hometown, which for me offers the best and yummiest hard tacos in the whole wide world, I knew I just had to buy it along with a pack of minced beef and baby lettuce to go with those crunchy slices of onions and juicy tomatoes I have at home.

True to what has been said in the packaging, my taco cravings were met in just 15 minutes. I just hope now that Bibibam (nickname I gave for my baby) will not bother me and look for a serving of rice in the middle of the night.

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