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Hi! I am Lav.

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That Story with the Wedding Video

It has already been more than a month now since I got married and I could not still stop watching our wedding video. I usually cap off my day watching it especially when I feel under the weather or tired after a day's work. I do not know why but I still do not get tired of it. Maybe I love it so much because I love seeing how pretty and made-up I was then or maybe because I just find it so amusing to look at myself in the third person, like an spectator of a play that I know well of?

But I reckon that it is more than that.

Every time I watch it, it is as if the overwhelming emotions and joy that were built up on that day overflow at the present time. It does not matter where I am or how my day transpired, it just gives me the same feeling all the same.


I love seeing how happy and emotional everyone was on that day. Friends, relatives and family were all smiling, laughing and getting teary-eyed for the right reasons. It may not look like it in our video but I, too, were fighting back a lot of emotions and tears during that day, especially when I was already walking down the aisle. That was my ultimate emotional verge. The day may not have panned out like how I planned it to be (I'll get to that in another post) but it did turn out how our hearts wanted it to be: intimate and unforgettable. An awesome conclusion to our singlehood. A perfect story that I would love to tell over and over to our future kids and grandchildren because of its imperfection.

Lately, my husband would laugh at me whenever he catches me watching our wedding video, I use the word catch because whenever he's around I try to do it as discreetly as possible so that he would not notice it and so that he would not get the chance to mock me. And whenever he does I just could not care less and I just proceed in giving him an angry look. But even if he does adoringly mock me, most often that not he would drop whatever it is he is doing, sit beside me and continue to watch it with me until the video blacks out and reaches to its faithful end. 

As time travels farther away from that fateful day, the novelty too of our wedding day would little by little die down and wear out. But I think for Aaron and I, the memories will live on within us like it was just yesterday. Even if he, in a million years, does not admit it.

Realization Blues

Warehouse Hopping in Alexandria

Warehouse Hopping in Alexandria