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Hi! I am Lav.

Welcome to my creative portfolio. I document my adventures and snapshots in travel, style and food here. Take your time to explore and hope you have a nice stay!

Daily Post #69-70: QVM Finds

While my pork ribs is simmering away, I’ll write.

These past few days had been really tough for my lazy bum. I now feel heavier and I do notice that I get tired easily now. Last Sunday, I took advantage of the sunny weather in Melbourne. I left the house at around 12 noon and headed on to Queen Victoria Market to food-hunt. I ordered some Butter Chicken with Biryani in the Food Court as I was liking some Indian food that time. That sweet dish was what I expected it to be!

I first knew of Butter Chicken from my Indian colleague at work. Her name is Raj and she once brought this huge container of food filled with this yummy-looking yellow dish for lunch that I was so afraid to touch at first because I thought it would be one of those spicy curries. You have to know that I have a love-and-hate relationship when it comes to spicy foods. So I only took a spoonful of the Biryani rice and topped it with a spoonful too of the sauce, followed by the chicken. Oh my, Cupid hit my palate! It was the yummiest Indian dish that I have ever tasted! There was no hint of spiciness at all but just some lovely spices and aroma that I would never forget. I went back and took a second serving. I then got a dish bowl and filled it with rice and the Butter Chicken!

The Butter Chicken at one of the stalls in the food court at Queen Victoria Market did not disappoint. Though the serving size was kind of small compared to the ones that the people who were standing in front of me in the queue were getting, I was still beyond satisfied. But of course, ultimate satisfaction won’t be reached without having a treat for my sweet tooth. So I stood up, abandoned my plate of Butter Chicken that looked like it had been tongue-scraped and roamed around some more.

I love the Queen Victoria Market because it is huge and there really is a lot to be discovered! I went to the Deli Hall, which is just adjacent the Meat and Fish Hall and my favorite spot in the market for its very-European feel. The Deli Hall is filled with a wide range of produce. You can find there every imaginable dips, pates, cured and preserved meats you can think of and for cheese lovers, it also has one of the most extensive ranges of local and imported cheeses found in Melbourne. An ultimate cheese-lover heaven! Which I am admittedly not! There is also a nice range of poultry produce and a variety of game meat, such as crocodile, rabbit, kangaroo and venison, to choose from. Aside from the fresh produce, many stalls also offer cooked foods that you can try while you are busy roaming around the hall (mental note: try the Borek next time). And for the sweet tooth like me, a nice number of patisseries abound the place so you’ll surely find cakes, pastries and chocolates in there.

I found a patisseries shop just across the Bratwurst shop and stall that sells Borek. I had been wanting to try the Vanilla Slice for so long now but I just could not bring myself to get one as its slice is usually bigger than the other pastries. Good thing I found this amazing Lemon Slice which is smaller in size but so sinful as the base below the lemon frosting is so compact and dense! However, the tanginess of the slice is a winner. It already proved to be enough to clean my palate and satisfy the sweet tooth in me. A perfect ending for my short trip in the Queen Victoria Market!

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